frequency converter VFC series frequency converter CSI series



Model Selection Power Inputs Features
FC500 FC500 Frequency Converter 500W 115~240 VAC 1ph-1ph Freq. Converters
FC1K FC1K Frequency Converter 1000W 115~240 VAC 1ph-1ph Freq. Converters
FC1K5 FC1K5 Frequency Converter 1500W 115~240 VAC 1ph-1ph Freq. Converters
FC2K FC2K Frequency Converter 2000W 115~240 VAC 1ph-1ph Freq. Converters
FTP FTP Frequency Converter 1500~6000W 115~240 VAC 1ph-3ph Freq. Converters
FTT3K FTT Frequency Converter 3000W 115 / 208~415 VAC 3ph-3ph Freq. Converters
VFC500 VFC500 Frequency Converter 500VA 115/240VAC Variable, Bench Mount 0-260VAC 47-424Hz
VFC1000-2000 VFC Frequency Converter 1KVA - 2KVA 115/240VAC Variable, Rack Mount 0-250VAC 47-424Hz

Amtex Electronics is one of the major suppliers of AC/AC Frequency Converters, in particular to customer specifications.

Single phase or three phase input / output combinations are available.

Our VFC is a stock line bench style unit with variable voltage and frequency that allows testing of many low power products with non-standard frequency inputs